Summer activities

Thermal park ORAVICE (10 km)

Open all year long.
Day capacity of 900 people
2 pools with thermal water
- during winter season cooled to 36 – 38°C
- during summer season 32 – 35°C

Water characteristics: natural fairly mineralized, sodium - calcium - magnesium - sulphurous with high iron content
Suitable for the treatment of musculo-skeletal disorders,problems with kidneys and urinary tract .
Other service includes sauna and massages.

Aquapark Tatralandia (29 km)

Tatralandia Holiday Resort is the largest year-round water fun complex with accommodation in Slovakia, Czech Republic and Poland. It consists of Aquapark Tatralandia and accommodation complex Holiday Village Tatralandia. It is situated in Liptov region known for plenty of cultural sights and characteristic architecture and folklore. Waterpark features

  • 9 year-round tubes

  • 21 summer tubes

  • wellness paradise

  • children area

  • sports centre


one of the largest water dams in Slovakia.
In summer frequently used for all kinds of water activities Area offers possibilities for yachting, fishing, golf, surfing autocamping etc.
There are also regular sightseeing boat tours.

Oravská priehrada (28 km) - Another large slovak dam. The surface area is 35 km
with average depth of 15 m. In the middle of the dam there is a Slanicky Ostrov which is the only surfacing area of the many vilalges flooded during the construction of the dam

Oravska priehrada welcomes all water sport enthusiasts and regularly hosts world championship in speed boats racing.

Oravský hrad(Orava castle) in Oravsky Podzámok (28 km) built in 1297,is the most famous turist feature of Orava region. It has played important role in history as waypoint on so called Salt road. It has been rebuilt several times and thrones the steep rock bank of Orava river reaching 112m.
Since 1953 the castle serves as a musuem.
It is the most visited castle in Slovakia

Františkova Huta (Podbiel 10 km)

Museum of mining history in the Orava region.

West Tatras - Roháče (11 km)

Roháče mountains begin with Osobita(1687m) mountain and contains plenty of torist paths for novices and mountain tourism enthusiasts as well.

Orava village musuem (5 km)
On the area of roughly 20 ha a wooden village reanimates the classic folk architecure of rural areas of Orava

Jablonka - Poľsko (40 km)

Every Wednesday Jablonka hosts a market, which is very popular in the best replica watches surrounding areas.
On Thursday and Saturday the similiar market is hosted at Nowy Targ.

Water mill at Oblazy in Kvačianska doline (9 km)

Kvačianska dolina is one of the most sought after locations in this area
On the bank of nearby river stands an old water mill and wood processing workshop